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Expertise in translation works, competitive prices, expeditiously quick.
Express Translation Service. Delivery within 24 hours

1. Our translators, checkers and proofreaders have many years of experiences in different fields. They are grouped according to their skills, knowledge, and experiences to ensure that customer’s expectations are met.

- Accounting, Economics
- Laws, contract, legal document
- Mechanism, Machine
- Electricity, Optical
- Food Science
- International Standards e.g. ISO, TS, JIS

2. We offer a fair price to customers. Translation of documents of less than 40 A-4 pages will be priced on a “per page” basis according to the content of each page. The prices, by no means, will not be higher than our standard prices.

3. To ensure good translation quality, translation of documents that contain many pages with a short lead-time will be translated by a team of translators. This enables us to meet with the deadline but yet keep all contents right.

4. In case that we have to arrange a team of translators as mentioned in no. 3, we have designed a good coordination system to make sure that documents are translated in the same direction, with the same styles, and the accuracy of the contents will be cross-checked by the translators within the team. One of our skillful translators will lead the team and go through the whole pieces of work.

5. Document formatting will be done by a formatting team. This team will do everything to make sure that your translated documents are in a good format like the original copy. They will help our translators to fully focus on translating the documents and don’t have to waste their time doing the format.

6. We always conduct a customer survey after submitting the translation to our customers to continuously improve our service quality.

7. All feedbacks, advices, comments given to us by customers are communicated to our translators for their improvement.

8. We give full support to our translators to keep developing their skills and knowledge so that they can perform better. Training information is provided. In-house training is conducted periodically by the experienced and professional translators. Translators who have an outstanding performance will be awarded by the company.

9. Translators’ profiles are kept updated.

10. Confidentiality Agreement is made and to be signed by the translators to ensure that customer’s information will not leak to outsiders. Translators have to work only at the space that we arrange for them and any related documents will be destroyed if unused.

11. A special promotion is available for customers who use our translation service more than 50 pages. For more information, please contact us.


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If you are interested in our “Translation Service”, please contact Miss Intira (English and Japanese Speaking).

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