Job Pluz : Interpretation Service

Our Strength in interpretation service
Provides interpreters on daily, monthly basis, or by period requested by customers

1. Job Pluz’s interpreters have many years of experiences in different fields.  They are grouped according to their skills, knowledge, and experiences to ensure that customer’s expectations are met.

    - Accounting, Economics
    - Laws
    - Mechanism, Machine
    - Electricity, Optical
    - Food Science
    - Industrial Standards e.g. ISO, TS, JIS

2.  We conduct 2 customer surveys for each and every project to improve our service quality.  The first survey is during the project period and another when the project finishes.

3.  All feedbacks, advices, comments given to us by customers are communicated to our interpreters for their improvement.

4.  We give full support to our interpreters to keep developing their skills and knowledge so that they can perform better.  Training information is provided.  In-house training on the topic of Ethics & Manner of the good Interpreter is conducted periodically by the experienced and professional interpreter.  Interpreters who get good feedbacks from customers will be awarded by the company.

5.  Our interpreters will follow the customers’ rules of conduct as if they are one of their employees.

6.  Interpreters’ profiles are kept updated.

7.  Confidentiality Agreement is made and to be signed by the interpreter so customers can be ensured that their information will not leak to outsiders.

8.  A special promotion is available for customers who use our interpreter service more than 20 days consecutively.   For more information, please check our Interpretation Rate.

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If you are interested in our “Interpretation Service”, please contact Khun Jacky.

Tel.:     (662) 640 8384 ext. 107 or 081 400 5466
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