Job Pluz : Interpretation Service

Interpretation Service Process

Confirm about customer's interpretation need

Quotation prepared and sent to customer

Customer accepts the price by returning fax

Send profile of our interpreters to customer

Customer select the interpreter

Interpreter starts working

JOB PLUZ makes 2 customer surveys. One at the middle and

the other at the end of working period

Proofreading as double check

(Middle and end of work process)

Feedback and improvement according to the surveys

Send the translated document to customer and

keep the copy for 15 days or as agreed with customer

Send invoice to customer on the last working day of

our interpreter


If you are interested in our “Interpretation Service”,
please contact Khun Intira.
Tel. (662) 640 8384 ext. 107 or 081 400 5466 ต่อ 107, (668)6 367 5114
Fax (662) 640 8384

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